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PM is owned and operated in the grand city of Minneapolis! With 6 states under our repertoire, MPM has developed a reputation of trust and professionalism within our field. From superior engagement programs to high-profile staffing within the midwestern region, MPM most definitely stands out from the competition! MPM truly values and appreciates what has resulted from an amazing experience that over the past 17 years has provided. Passion, hard work, and constant renewed changes, and adaptability to the needs of our clients and the market results in an agency that offers great value to current and future clients.

Midwest Promotional Models timeline

PM was founded by recognized business leader and industry veteran Michele Rogers. She formed this fast-paced and growing agency in 2004, with the aim of creating a promotional staffing agency infrastructure that supported hands-on recognition to clients that deserve stellar representation. After analyzing the promotional staffing industry that offered similar services, MPM was created by the “taking something and making it better” philosophy.

Midwestern Promotional Models CEO Michele Rogers
Michele Rogers
Founder & CEO

ichele leads MPM with over twenty years of professional business leadership experience. Her journey began in the corporate world with a Fortune 500 company based in Minneapolis. Although she enjoyed the lifestyle and pace of the corporate role, the experience sparked her innate entrepreneurial aspiration along with her education in HR, and MPM was uniquely created.

Angie Bowersox
Project Manager

ngie offers us high profile promotional detail to every event.  Her energetic capabilities assure our events offer us the best that they can be by on-site communication with event coordinators, event staff and point of sale based on our brands visual needs is truly admired.  Having Angie on the ground during large events offers our clients a manager on duty!  Angie’s 6-year commitment to MPM successfully building strong relationships with patrons, clients and customers represents her beautiful enthusiasm to MPM’s philosophy and mission.


ngie provides us with a critical oversight function. By monitoring programs, coordinating our teams schedule, staying close to event execution and being the direct contact for event management offers our clients and teams superior guidance. Angie’s tenure with MPM offered exclusive on-site agency representation for 7-years, and we are pleased to announce that she was just recently promoted to Project Manager.   Angie’s resides in the south suburbs and as an Ohio native, Angie enjoys cheering on her Ohio State Buckeye’s!

Alyssa Nitti
Team Lead

lyssa has 10 years experience as a professional brand ambassador and has dedicated 7 years with MPM. Through the years , Alyssa has enjoyed developing meaningful relationships while providing high quality experiences and services. She is a reliable team leader that delivers hands-on direction for clients and the team. It’s truly her passion!