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Promotional Modeling

Live marketing events are a great opportunity to promote your brand, and having a promotional model offers even further value. Our team of promotional models will engage with potential clients while simultaneously acting as the friendly and enthused spokespeople that will build your customer base and following.

Convention Models

In addition to our promotional services, we also offer traditional modeling opportunities that can benefit your company in a variety of ways. Each of our models is equipped with every capability to ensure that your brand is well represented, a model to suit any variety of products, and a professionalism that is incomparable.

Tradeshow Models

MPM offers the most professionally trained marketing & tradeshow modeling professionals for any and every tradeshow floor. You’ll have the benefits of having team members boosting your brand to all in attendance, a viable spokesperson on behalf of your company, and an opportunity for product demonstrations.

In-Store Influencers

Our in-store influencers provide a chance for your customers to immerse themselves into the experience of your products. By offering a professional and knowledgeable experience with your product, MPM in-store influencers are spirited, and ensure only the highest quality consumer product engagement!

In-store influencer showcasing an impressive display of alcoholic drinks.

Event Staffing

Having a fully equipped staff for your company events is both timely and cost effective. We provide the trained, capable staff that you need to ensure your event will be handled efficiently down to the last detail. In addition, our event staffing will ensure your guests are engaged and attended to throughout.

Brand Ambassadors

Increasing brand awareness and driving sales is important for every company. Brand ambassadors offer a suite of additional opportunities. This could include a wider range of brand recognition, professional paid marketing experts, and putting your brand at the center of a group of passionate consumers.

Wine Professionals

The wine market tends to be saturated, but consumers are far more likely to make a purchasing decision when they experience what we like to call a “liquid to lips” program. Our team of wine marketing professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to market your product and turn every potential customer into valued consumers.

Social Media Influencers

Social media marketing can be vastly overwhelming however, our team can help. Social media allows for every brand to outsell their competitors visually, and that benefit only increases when you utilize social media influencers. Our team of expert influencers will raise your brand awareness on social media utilizing both strategy and creativity.