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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

People are living on the internet, and brands are finding that the most successful forms of advertising are coming from digital platforms. Taking advantage of the opportunity that social media offers is a particularly important aspect of advertising in this day and age. However, many businesses wonder if social media can truly help improve their bottom line. 

So what exactly is a social media influencer, and how can they help your brand? Are there advantages to investing in social media marketing?

What is a social media influencer?

Social media influencers are someone with a large following on any social media platform. Influencers are a great opportunity to generate brand awareness and excitement for your brand, drive sales, and most importantly, you can build brand loyalty. 

One major aspect of social media influencers is that those who follow them, trust them. Their support of a brand could very quickly lead to gaining many new customers merely by the suggestion to their followers. They encourage their followers to take action based on what they support or believe in, leading to a wider base of loyal customers. 

Finding an Influencer

The success of social media marketing involves finding the right influencer for your brand, and building a successful campaign that will work for their platform. Finding an influencer for your product means that this person will be the face of your brand to their followers, so it’s important to choose wisely. Make sure they will represent your brand well, and encourage their followers to engage with you in productive ways. 


Social media is the perfect outlet to increasing traffic to your site as well. With influencers endorsing your brand, you have a wider audience that are being introduced to you and wishing to know more. If your website is down, you have people engaging with your brand even if they can’t access your site. You can post links to products or services you offer to social media, and link your fans/followers to your blog posts and other content you create. 


Maintaining a customer involves building trust, and social media gives us direct access to people who can answer questions or offer customer service in real time to those who need it. By utilizing social media to market your brand, you have the opportunity to directly engage with your customer base, building and maintaining loyalty and trust. 

Unique engagement opportunities

Social media gives you the chance to do polls, have customers take surveys, offer giveaways or discounts, and a wide variety of other ways to engage with current and potential customers. If you utilize an influencer, you can give their followers exclusive access to discount codes or giveaways that will keep them coming back for more. If you have social media platforms for your business, you can offer other exclusive opportunities for your followers, encourage them to share your products for discounts, or anything in between. 


Social media marketing is far more affordable than commercial or print advertising, and allows for ongoing exposure. One influencer with thousands of followers means your brand is being exposed to people all over the world, all trusting the person they follow to bring them brands they know are worthwhile.

The investment you make in a social media marketing plan is going to bring you an ROI that is incomparable. Especially if you trust an MPM influencer with your brand! Our team has the capacity not just to bring your brand to new audiences, but new heights.

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