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What to Look For in a Promotional Marketing Company

What to Look For in a Promotional Marketing Company

Are you looking to be a promotional model, or hire a promotional modeling agency for your brand? There are plenty of things to consider when trusting someone with your reputation and your products, but what are the most important factors? Where should you start? 

Let’s go over what to avoid when choosing a promotional marketing agency, and some important facts to keep in mind when researching agencies. 

Read between the lines.  

Many agencies are national and portray a national presence, which means you could be dealing with an agency that doesn’t understand your market, or the best ways to advertise your brand. So, local agencies are a better option. Why? You’ll be represented by an agency that is connected on a reputation basis and has relationships with local distribution, sales representatives and most importantly, your accounts recognize that you are part of a beautiful triangle of successful marketers. Most importantly though, is to remember to do your research, check reviews, and assure that you are working with a highly ranked agency. 

Stick with the best

Once you find an agency that matches with your personality, style and co-promotional models, stick with them. This allows for you to continually network with a cadre of promotional specialists in addition to your agency management.  Choosing an agency that is owned or affiliated with ownership that represents professional leadership, passionate management and open communication makes you assured that you are connected with respectful leaders. Connect with them on LinkedIn and review their relevance within the event industry. 


Another thing to keep in mind is that agencies are dedicated to their teams when their teams are dedicated to them. By being valued under a specific agency, you will be entrusted with larger scale events and be actively engaged with your agency of choice.  Every business recognizes their leaders by dedication. 

4 key factors to consider

No matter where you are in your search for an agency, there are a few key components involved when using an agency that’s known for their professionalism and friendliness. They are:

  • You know each other on both a professional and personal level
  • They are located in your market
  • You hear from them (positively) on a weekly basis 
  • They have longevity within the industry you are seeking

The best part? All of these apply to whether you’re looking to hire an agency, or be hired by one as a promotional model. If you’re seeking an agency to work for, finding one that fits all the above criteria will guarantee you have a successful resume builder, have a say in how you organize which events you work, and control of your own paychecks. Being successful in this industry means you’ll receive more opportunities, generating yourself a higher income.


If you’re looking for the agency that checks all the boxes for the best promotional marketing agency in the industry, contact Midwest Promotional Models. Our team is equipped with the experts to broaden your customer base and provide you with more opportunities to market your product. Let’s build something together.